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At Giorgio’s Hospitality we believe that working as partners will allow us to achieve the most and to work with motivated people. Answering in a direct and transparent way all questions will avoid any doubt and possible misunderstanding. Here are our most frequently asked questions, if anything is still unclear get in touch with us by email at the indicated contacts. Do not hesitate to ask for more information.

Load here your resume (optional). Allowed files: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .odt.

How to apply and proceed?

All our partners should first satisfy themselves . It is important to understand and analyze each package tour, then the same can be offered to potential guests . All inclusive package tour designed by Giorgio’s Hospitality can be modified and adapted to the requirement of potential guests such as friends, colleagues, specific associations and any one that may have a declared interest in one of the services provided by Giorgio’s Hospitality.
Our partner objective will be to aggregate small group of people ( minimum six person) around a specific interest ( Cycling, Trekking, Horse riding, Cave exploration, Opera & Theatre , Art & museum, Food & wine, Monastery & pilgrinage Wedding, and more ) .. some group can be smaller or larger depending from the type of package.

What will be my position?

You will receive a letter of appointment and will be recognized as Giorgio’s Hospitality tour promoter and can print appropriate business card using Giorgio’s logo as per specimen provided.

What will be my reward and compensation?

For each all inclusive package tour that you are able to finalize you will be rewarded with a point system ( see separate schedule ) Such point can be redeemed in kind trough the purchase of an all inclusive package tour or in cash , requesting Giorgio’s Hospitality to pay you the indicated amount at a bank account that you will indicate ( check terms and conditions ). The amount will be paid gross and any tax at your end should be paid by you. Statement of the package tour sold and point awarded will be provided once a month by 15 of each month in arrear . Poins are awarded upon booking , and payment in cash is made according to the indicated term after the all inclusive package sold has been utilized.

How long my commitment will last?

You can continue to perform your task as longer as you wish, and you can terminate the same any time giving a notice to Giorgio’s Hospitality and deleting yourself from our mailing list, no questions asked. You can also re-apply in future if you intend to do so.

Where and when I should perform my task?

You are free to work from home or your office all year around depending from your wish. You are independent and you can decide your own schedule . Your clients and guests should come mostly from your area where it may be easier to get acquainted and develop a personal contact. We do not restrict our partners to work on a specific territory. It is our opinion that a certain point a personal contact may be needed and if the guest is nearby it will be easier and cheaper to get in touch. If our partner are able to aggregate people from different locations they are free to do so.

Why working with us?

We are a unique hospitality structure where package tour are built around the interest of our guest and fully devoted to promote the beautiful Italian region of Marche. We do this in cooperation with regional Government and people that are from this area , that know the place, the structures , the beauties ,the traditions , history , art and food . Working with us is fun and rewarding. We provide good value for our all inclusive package tour and a great guest experience. We are flexible and accept different culture and equal development and we reward our partners in a fair and regular basis.




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