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      Visit Italy's famous markets. See the farms where the fresh produce is lovingly grown and prepared. Step in to rustic wine cellars and sample quality wine whilst strolling through the vineyards where the grapes were grown. Try Italy's famous extra virgin olive oil on a slice of freshly prepared farmhouse bread. This tour will take you on a gastronomic journey. You'll see how traditional homemade foods are lovingly prepared using age-old techniques passed from generation to generation. You'll also be given exclusive access to sophisticated factories using the latest technology to produce the finest Italian delicacies. This tour takes in the full spectrum of Italian meats, fish, vegetables and much more in a gastronomic journey of taste, smells and joys that will keep you salivating for weeks. We pride ourselves on offering this service in tandem with the Italian cooking lessons so that you can see how the food makes it's way from planting to plate.


      If you enjoy good food, then this is the tour for you. Immerse yourself in the world of real Italian food. Our experts will explain exactly where the ingredients come from and how they are prepared. And you'll learn all this whilst sampling some of the finest food Italy has to offer.


      The food and wine tour is available all year round. We only show you the freshest ingredients. So what you'll see depends on the season's specialty. A detailed program of sites will always be available in advance. Depending from the season the itinerary change and move through markets, fishing places, ports, meat shops, wine cellars, farms and industries. Season may demand to modify the program that is always provided in writing in advance and in any case is complete and allow a full understanding and enjoyment of the various visits.


      We'll show you around small fishing towns, butchers, farms, wine cellars and, of course, the famous fruit and vegetable markets of the Pesaro province in the Northern part of the Marche region. Our expert guides will make you feel like a local.


      With the assistance of one of our expert guides who will be on hand to answer all your questions as you amble through markets and vineyards. We'll travel by car or minibus according to an itinerary designed to suit you, which will be explained in advance. This food tour lasts all day and includes lunch in a traditional restaurant of the area.


      The "all inclusive" program covers:

      • Transfer by car to and from your accommodation
      • Guided tour of markets, production centers, farms and wine cellars
      • A guide and various specialists, before and during the visits
      • A pack containing information on various ingredients, food processing and wines
      • The opportunity to sample ingredients, food and wines at all the locations
      • A complete meal with drinks in a traditional restaurant

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