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      What better way to spend a day than cantering on a beautiful, well-trained horse through the steppes of rural Italy? There is no better natural symbiosis than the one between horses and us. We offer our guests the opportunity to learn more about these beautiful, intelligent animals. We provide lessons, we organize horse treks and provide well-trained, well-cared for horses. Because your safety, convenience and enjoyment is our top priority, we provide all the necessary equipment. Enjoy gorgeous panoramas as you trek on horseback through medieval villages and untouched rural meadows.


      This really is for everyone: the young, the young at heart, beginners and experts. If you're comfortable and confident getting in to the saddle, we can teach you how to ride. If you've ridden before we can organize a trek to suit your ability


      You can ride all-year-round but obviously some seasons are warmer than others. Whenever you choose to ride we will plan the perfect day for you, taking in to account daylight hours and we'll find the perfect spot for you to stop and eat the lunch we provide.


      Canter through an open paddock or gallop through the valley of Metauro and rolling hills of Montefeltro. Or just trot around your hospitality structure, the perfect place to learn to ride and exercise the horses. You can even take them on a short excursion trough medieval villages and rural fields.


      With well-trained, well-cared for horses, all properly equipped with well-fitting saddles. And because safety and enjoyment is our top priority all safety equipment will be provided as you set off on a trek designed around you. You can wear what you like but for the more stylish amongst you can wear full horse riding trousers and boots. And of course, if you'd like, you will be accompanied by one of our expert guides to make your day as enjoyable and as relaxed as possible.


      The "all inclusive" program covers:

      • A transfer from the hospitality structure to the paddock if required
      • A fully equipped suitable horse, ready to be mounted
      • Helmet hire and GPS if required
      • A comprehensive excursion guide detailing all the sights on the route
      • A backpack fully stocked with lunch and drink
      • An expert guide, accompanying vehicle if required and, of course, food for your horse

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